When It’s a Good Idea to Give Away Your First Product to Make Sales Later

Peter Voogd offers a few tips for those who are just beginning to build their business.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Peter Voogd shares a few secrets that can set aside the 1 percent of entrepreneurs from the other 99 percent. The entrepreneur talks about the importance of possessing an unshakeable mindset while taking on the role of entrepreneur. A part of this mindset includes making sure you’re establishing leverage and scale for your business so you are not forced to concentrate on leads forever. 

Moreover, when you ask your customers to pay a substantial amount of money for your products and services, you should be prepared to give past the amount of effort that is expected from you. When customers pay top dollar they not only want to get their money’s worth, but wouldn’t mind being blown away by what you can offer. 

Finally, Voogd recommends in order to get the word out on your orders, consider giving your stuff away. Even though you may think you have a terrific product, it will mean close to nothing until you share it with the world.

Click the video to hear more from Peter Voogd.

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