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Companies that promote collaborative working perform five times better than companies who don’t.

This is why more companies are implementing a collaboration strategy.

Your staff members will be more productive, you’ll produce
more work faster, the work quality will improve, and your workers will build
better relationships with each other.

But here’s the million-dollar question — what collaboration tools should you use?

There are many collaboration tool types and options, including new and classic tools. But there’s only 10 of the best. Here are the collaboration tools you should use in the workplace.


There’s no reason to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing software and is ideal if you need to schedule a meeting with someone in a remote setting. GoToMeeting also helps you share screens so you can share your meeting with others.

GoToMeeting is optimized for both desktop and mobile use. It integrates with your calendar for convenient scheduling.

GoToMeeting offers a 14-day free trial. Plans range from $12 to $16 a month and enterprise-level businesses can contact GoToMeeting for a price quote.


Slack is the best messaging platform for professional purposes.
It’s ideal for offices and also for remote teams. Slack offers more than just
instant messaging. You can share files and even search for past messages.

Slack comes out with new features all the time. From integrations
with other platforms to adding funny GIFs and various other commands, Slack is always
reinventing itself.

Slack is available as a desktop platform and as an app. Small to large businesses can expect to pay between $7 and $13 a month for Slack. Larger enterprises that need more features can contact Slack directly for a quote.


Flowdock is very similar to Slack. It’s a messaging platform
that offers both group and private chats. However, Flowdock offers even more.

Flowdock can integrate to famous social media platforms such
as Twitter. You can also use Flowdock for a project management platform such as
Asana and even customer support tools.

Flowdock offers a flexible pricing tier. The software is free for students and teams of less than five. The basic subscription is $3 per user every month and the enterprise level is $9 per user every month.

If you need to take collaboration a step further, invest in
project management tools such as This platform was formerly called
Dapulse. helps you set goals and objectives. You can also assign tasks to members. is very user-friendly and is easy to learn. Another winning feature is the ability to automate tasks, deadlines, and other reminders.

You can even integrate this platform with other tools, such as Trello and Gmail.


Right next to, Asana is one of the most famous project management tools.

Project managers can add staff members to projects, assigning tasks and deadlines. Managers can easily follow these tasks and the members as well as project progress.

Asana even comes with a to-do list and a calendar. It’s fast to set up, is easy to use, and is available in 195 countries.

Unlike other project management platforms, Asana doesn’t charge for file storage. Asana offers a 30-day free trial.


If you want a management platform for purposes other than
project management, you’ll benefit from ProofHub.

ProofHub offers a combination of collaboration and project management tools.

These include planning and monitoring projects, organizing files, and even communicating with stakeholders and staff members directly on the platform.

There’s even a proofing tool that allows you to review and approve

ProofHub offers a free trial and is used worldwide by
businesses of all sizes.


Trello has one of the most unique interfaces of all project
management platforms. You create columns with cards inside. You can move the
cards and assign members to them.

Trello is ideal for creating tasks and assigning members. It
lacks some of the features that other project management platforms offer, but
it’s perfect if you just want a simple task management tool. Trello is also

Trello seems complicated at first — once you learn, it’s
very easy to use. You can use Trello online and it’s now available on an app.
Keep in mind, using Trello on your mobile browser limits your actions.


Do you work in an environment that requires code writing? If you collaborate with other developers, you can use CodingTeam to write code together.

CodingTeam is user-friendly. Not only that, but it’s free!

CodingTeam uses a documentation system to write and share
code. It also offers a forum and a news system.

CodingTeam also offers additional features, including a
search tool for projects, screenshot tools, and even a bug tracking system.

You can download CodingTeam on your desktop.

Google Docs

Do you like the idea of a free document collaboration system but aren’t a coder?

You can still use one of the most useful platforms in existence: Google Docs. You more than likely have a Google account. Docs is a free platform available to anyone with a Google account.

You can create documents, share them with others, and even
enable others to comment and edit on your document.

Other useful and free Google programs include Drive and


If you’re just looking for a simple platform to simplify
your business activities, look no further than SharePoint.

SharePoint is a collaboration system that creates business information on the intranet.

This platform is optimized for different tasks such as data
management and even offers advanced capabilities such as compliance
requirements. This means you can store and share files while also ensuring your
data is secure.

SharePoint is also optimized for automation. 200,000 companies around the world use SharePoint. If you’re unsure how to use SharePoint, take a look at this SharePoint guide.

Use These Platforms to Improve Collaboration

Are you looking to improve your business collaboration?
These tools help make your collaboration more seamless and effective.

These tools make the job easier. But creating an efficient workplace isn’t the only way to improve employee morale. Learn about employee morale here.


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