Start Your Own Mastermind Group and Get Motivated to Achieve

By meeting with a group of five to six people you trust, you can increase your energy, motivation, and productivity.

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Looking to achieve your goals and stay motivated can be no easy feat on your own. A highly helpful solution may be the benefit of masterminding — or forming a collection of minds together to create a support network. 

Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield finds this tool especially helpful for making progress in your life — whether that be in a personal or professional capacity. Think about it: Stockpiling a group of reliable people with varied resources can only help increase the opportunities in your life. A mastermind group can be extremely helpful in acquiring new knowledge, ideas and resources, and refreshing your life with new energy. These sorts of collectives of people can motivate you to take the next step in your life, brighten your outlook or expand your perspectives on specific subjects. 

To start forming your own mastermind group, Canfield suggests brainstorming about five or six trustworthy people you would like to bring together and calling them up personally.

Click play here to learn more about the benefits of a mastermind group — and then move forward with starting your own.

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