SPI 322: How “The Rideshare Guy” Created a Business Helping Uber and Lyft Drivers

The other day I asked my Uber driver if he’d ever heard of a guy named Harry Campbell. “Isn’t that The Rideshare Guy?” he asked. And that’s exactly who we have on the podcast today!

Harry is the creator of TheRidshareGuy.com and author of The Rideshare Guide and he helps people who drive for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. He shows them how to make more money—essentially how to have a better career driving for rideshare services. I also caught up with him recently on an episode of Tactics in a Tesla on my YouTube channel—if you’ve ever been interested in driving for Lyft or Uber, that episode is a great place to start.

I just had to get Harry on the podcast as well, so today we’re talking about how he did this, how he’s growing his blog, and how he’s serving over 200,000 unique visitors per month. Harry’s story is so much more than just a story about a rideshare guy—this is an inspiring journey for anyone who’s thinking about launching a business in a niche market. This is a great example of how to stand out, how to monetize, ways to think about your content strategy, and so much more. We even talk about how someone could use rideshare driving as a way to network and even sell for your business. There’s a lot to dive into today, so let’s get to it!

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Special thanks to Harry Campbell for joining me this week. Until next time!


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