SPI 281: How Coach Glitter Built Her Affiliate Business and Launched a Product

Before Tiffany Lee Bymaster got into online business, her friends called her the “walking Yelp.” In addition to being a professional makeup artist, she had a reputation as a trusted, go-to resource for recommendations on just about everything. When Tiffany dove into coaching and affiliate marketing, that reputation came with her, and the “Coach Glitter” empire has thrived ever since.

In today’s episode, Tiffany (a.k.a. Coach Glitter) walks me through her journey from pro makeup artist to branding coach, course creator, and affiliate marketer. She shares how reading Will It Fly? helped her uncover her entrepreneurial “superpower” and how she maintains her reputation as a trusted voice in the online business world. You’ll hear how she mines her audience for feedback, the platforms she used to build her brand, how she makes the most out of online courses, and the mindset advice that helped her the most while building a business from scratch.

Tiffany’s story proves you don’t need a following of millions to build a powerful, devoted, tight-knit community and see your online business thrive. As a course creator myself, I’m reminded of just how powerful a good reputation can be, and how much audience trust impacts the growth of your business.

Listen in on my eye-opening conversation with Tiffany—you might just discover your own “superpower” by the end!

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Special thanks to Tiffany for joining me this week. Until next time!


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