SPI 278: List Building Made Easy with Special Guest Amy Porterfield

Great news, SPI family: Amy Porterfield has returned to the podcast for yet another insightful, actionable episode I know you’re going to love. Today, she’s covering everything an online business owner needs to know about list building, from capturing new leads to pitching your products.

Amy’s a master at bringing new fans into the fold, whether they find her through her podcast, her live video streams, or her webinars. Amy’s developed a killer strategy for hooking potential followers, connecting them with the right resources, and building trust before presenting them with a sales pitch. A key part of that list building strategy is the “content upgrade,” a value-packed downloadable resource Amy gives away for free. Offerings like this are why Amy has become such a list building master and trusted expert in the online business world, and I’m thrilled to have her here today.

Listen in (and learn alongside me) as Amy explores building a list, fine-tuning a sales funnel, crafting the perfect content upgrade, and deciphering what you can afford to give away for free. Let’s do it!

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Special thanks to Amy for joining me this week. Until next time!


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