SPI 259: How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel to Win

How much would you love to earn your living traveling the world? That’s exactly what today’s guests do every day, thanks to their incredible success as YouTube travel vloggers. Today, Kristen Sarah and Nadine Sykora will show you how it’s done, revealing everything you need to know to set up your YouTube channel.

Both Kristen and Nadine earn their income creating stunning videos and sponsored video content for their respective YouTube channels. They’ve both found their niche in travel vlogging, documenting their journeys around the world, and sharing their tips with fellow globetrotters. Thanks to their smart strategy and incredible content, Kristen and Nadine have built massive followings doing what they love. In today’s episode, they’ll share their tips for creating the best videos possible, tweaking your channel, and getting your videos in front of the right viewers.

YouTube is such an exciting place right now for creators, entrepreneurs, and advertisers. If you’re curious about getting in front of the camera, listen in—this is the episode for you.

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Special thanks to Kristen and Nadine for joining me this week. Until next time!


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