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If you told me 10 years ago that one day I’d be taking over writing Copyblogger’s weekly newsletter from Sonia Simone, I’d have said: “In what fantasy world? I don’t know her, and she didn’t review the guest post I submitted.” (True story.)

But I believe four simple words:

Hard work is luck.

Long story short, Sonia and I did eventually connect and have had a great working relationship for the past five years.

I’m honored she passed the baton keyboard to me and I now get to talk with you every week, in addition to the other posts I write on the blog.

This week, we took Monday off to observe Labor Day in the United States.

On Tuesday, Brian Clark talked about why he’s returned to Copyblogger. He shared behind-the-scenes stories about the company and what we have in store going forward.

For even more details, check out Brian’s podcast episode with his new business partner and Copyblogger’s newest face, Darrell Vesterfelt: What’s Next for Copyblogger Media?

And on Wednesday, Brian reminded us that exploring the intersection of ideas can lead to an explosion of exceptional content — which can lead to links, traffic, subscribers, and revenue. He outlined five ways to get to that electric content crossroads.

Looking forward to touching base with you next week!

— Stefanie Flaxman
Editor-in-Chief, Copyblogger Media

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