How to Help Your Online Course Students Succeed – SPI TV, Ep. 59

Yesterday, I teamed up with the awesome folks at Teachable for a webinar on increasing the success rate of your online course students. We had such a great discussion that I wanted to share a replay of that webinar with you today.

In the webinar, I’m joined by some fantastic course creators from a variety of backgrounds and business niches. You’ll hear about their successes so far, their biggest headaches, and their unique approaches to tracking down the ideal student.

How do we set our students up for success? How do we keep our students motivated throughout the coursework? What are the big mistakes course creators are making these days that we should be avoiding?

Together, we diagnose gaps in each other’s strategies and offer up suggestions for making our courses better than ever.

If you’re intrigued by online courses and the value they can provide your audience, take a look! Take a look at my own courses for inspiration, and keep your eyes peeled for even more to come in the future.

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