Email Marketing 101: 5 Essential Tips for Doing It Right

Today my wife called me over to her vet clinic to fix her keyboard. I snatched up a spare keyboard from my office, the one missing its left control key, just in case I couldn’t fix my wife’s. When I arrived, I found the old keyboard already unplugged and looking sad with its cord tucked behind its kickstands, keys so tall and bulky they could double as child’s building blocks.

I examined the keyboard cord itself, expecting a loose or kinked tube. What I found was a 6-inch PS/2 male connector. This was something I hadn’t seen since 2005. The tines were bent haphazardly and it was obvious my wife had tried to force the plug back in the wrong way not realizing her mistake.

The connector was screwed and I had to leave my incomplete yet contemporary USB keyboard with my wife until we could buy her a new keyboard.

Just like that 6-inch PS/2 connector, email marketing is something I expected to disappear years ago. Email feels like it should be some relic we dumped for a superior format.

Although Compuserve and AOL are gone, email persists. And it remains an effective marketing platform. Here’s how you can harness the ancient power of email marketing.

1. Spend Time on a Lead Magnet

What are you willing to do for free stuff? It depends on the free stuff, right? If you’re getting something valuable, you might reveal your middle name.

You want to lure people in with something free and valuable. Spend time crafting a short ebook that will bring them back for more. Create a webinar featuring a stellar tutorial. Or even offer free samples.

2. Be Ready For the Long Haul

A successful email marketing campaign is about being consistent over a long period. If you let up on the weekly emails, people will forget who you are.

A bad marketing email is one where someone can’t remember who you are. If you’re not able to remain consistent, it’s ok. Just hire someone to market for you. It’s often worth the money as you’ll bring in more than you spend.

3. Mobile-Friendly Is The Way

This shouldn’t need saying in 2019 or really any year post-2015. But if you’re not building mobile-friendly emails and you expect people to just pinch and zoom to see your content, you’ve got hair for brains.

Nine years ago, most people checked their email on a desktop or laptop. Now more than 50% check their email on a mobile device instead of desktops or laptops. Most of the rest check their email on both platforms.

Thus, keep your content short and snippy and use small-sized media.

4. Use Targeted Data

There’s no excuse for playing the guessing game in email marketing today. Not optimizing your email campaigns is like not getting your oil changed. You’ll eventually lose a lot of money.

Data trackers are everywhere and they’re collecting data on everyone. You can narrow your audience down laser accuracy with the correct consumer data.

5. Automate Everything

You’re not going to have time to respond to every email subscriber. Use autoresponders and bots to keep up with the load. You’ll be grateful when all your free time isn’t sunk into your email marketing campaigns.


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