Changes You Can Make in 10 Minutes for Exceptionally Effective Copy

Sure, professional writers spend a lot of time on our craft. As we should. But it’s also nice to have a few fast tweaks to make your content and copy a lot more effective.

This week, we offered three ways to make your persuasive writing work a lot better … without spending a zillion more hours on it. In fact, you can implement all three of these tweaks in about 10 minutes, every time you publish.

(You can also spend a little more time and really make them sing … it’s up to you.)

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman shared a foundational technique every content marketer should be using — strategically managing your internal content links. It seems simple (and it is), but it has outsized benefits for the time you put in.

Typical time investment: 3 minutes
Payoff: Improved authority, significantly better audience experience, SEO benefits

On Tuesday, Brian Clark reminded us about the majestic persuasive power of the fascinating bullet point. These pull attention right to the juiciest benefits of your offer and help make your copy magnetically inviting.

Typical time investment: 6–8 minutes
Payoff: Enhanced persuasive power, improved clickthroughs

On Wednesday, I wrote about one of my favorite fast ways to dramatically improve the persuasive power of any piece of writing. (Including a podcast or video script, an infographic, or any other piece of content with a persuasive purpose.)

This is a copywriting standby, but it can be easy to overlook when you’re on a deadline. Start adding one of these to every piece of content you create and you’ll start to see a snowball of business results.

Typical time investment: 1–2 minutes
Payoff: Dramatically increased conversions

Product of the week: Content Confidence Checklist

Quick checks like these can roll up into an amazing difference in the effectiveness of your writing.

If you’d like more of these, we’ve pulled our favorites together to help your content get better results …

It’s the Content Confidence Checklist — a quick resource you can use every time you publish.

You’ll learn:

  • The quick pre-writing process that lets you squeeze the most value out of each piece of content
  • How to grab audience attention quickly, for a loyal audience that comes back to your work again and again
  • Simpler ways to polish your content to perfection, for content that enhances your authority
  • The authority-crushing mistakes you must avoid, so you always look smart and professional
  • Proven techniques to get the traffic you need for dramatic business results

The checklist also comes with a focused lesson from me on how to implement each of the points on the list above, so you’ll be able to pursue each of them with total confidence.

Get the Content Confidence Checklist

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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