How Books Increase Our Authority and Leadership with Azul Terronez

Pat Flynn: One thing I love to do in my business is to pull back the curtain and to share with you a lot of the behind the scenes, and the processes that I work through to accomplish some of the goals. Sometimes, it’s a win; sometimes, it is a fail; but every time, it’s going to be a lesson for you. That’s why I continue to do what I do, and why I continue to experiment, and try new things. Now, I’ve been writing books for a number of years now. Thank you to everybody who has supported my previous book, Will It Fly?, and helped it, as a self-published book, become a Wall Street Journal bestseller. In case you haven’t heard yet, my next book is finally coming out. It’s called Superfans, and it comes out in August of this year, by the time this episode publishes, about […]

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