Creating Evergreen Funnels for a Sustainable Business – with Nick Stephenson

Nick Stephenson: Evergreen runs on all our products all the time, but we will do a live promotion or a live launch once a year. So, for the main product, 10k Readers, we do an affiliate launch once every year and there’s a reason we do it once a year: It’s because it’s exhausting. It makes you want to just go to bed for a week. Pat Flynn: You’re listening to a conversation that I had recently with Nick Stephenson from, who’s also a former guest here on the show back in Episode 162, which was back in May of 2015. When he came on for the first time, he talked about his very first product launch, which was over $130,000. The fun story about Nick was that he was actually sitting in the audience on a webinar that I produced and co-hosted, that he then bought a course […]

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