How to Plan and Manage Projects and Programs Successfully—with Janna Maron from Team SPI

Pat Flynn: As a business owner or entrepreneur of any kind, anybody who is creating content on a regular basis, and then adding on top of that special projects such as creating courses or launches or coaching program, services, anything you might have to offer—one really important aspect of running the show or your business or your content is the planning and management of those things. That stems from just the ideation of how to do those things to the ongoing systems and requirements to continue to do those things very well and uphold the, hopefully, level of standard that you and your audience can enjoy. So today on the podcast I’m very, very thankful to bring on one of my team members with me to discuss how to plan and manage projects and programs. So coming up we have Janna Maron who is my Editorial Director, and she’s in […]

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