Is YouTube Even Worth it Anymore? Life after Getting Serious about Video

Is YouTube even worth it anymore? I share what’s worked for me on YouTube, what hasn’t worked, YouTube strategies, and YouTube for me going forward! Pat Flynn May 6, 2019 I’ve had a YouTube channel since 2009. But for most of that time, I didn’t really take this platform all that seriously. That all changed in February 2018. Since then, I’ve jumped into the deep end with YouTube, treating it like a primary platform for a lot of my content. In this post, I want to share with you why I made this big shift, and how it’s worked out so far. Getting Serious About YouTube: The Experiment In the time I’ve been in the YouTube game, I’ve scaled new heights … and occasionally fallen flat. Some of my videos have done very well, getting over 500,000 views. Others have barely made a mark. Until recently, though, I didn’t consider […]

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