What Are Vanity Metrics and Why You Should Be Leary of Them

You’ve been told that social media marketing will bring you money. You go out and create an Instagram account, a Facebook Page, a Twitter account and you start creating. One of your posts go viral. And then your revenues remain the same. What’s going on? You got hundreds of shares on that Facebook post. Why aren’t they pouring into your eCommerce store and buying up all your stuff? You might have fallen victim to the classic marketing blunder. Vanity metrics. Here’s what they are and why you should focus on other metrics instead. What Are Vanity Metrics? Vanity metrics are impressions like comments, followers, shares, open rates, views, likes, traffic, etc. You might know these as engagement metrics. And there’s nothing wrong with measuring them. The only problem is, they don’t actually represent money. They only represent engagement. And if people aren’t moving down your marketing funnel, these metrics are […]

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