The Many Uses of Gamification in Web Design

I always hated icebreaker games. I still do. They force you into uncomfortable situations with strangers. That’s gamification. The gamification of meetings. But gamification isn’t always social. The term applies to anything in life you craft into a game. Even something as simple as children singing the “cleanup” song while putting toys away is gamification. And it’s effective in learning and incentivizing. In fact, learners will remember 90% of their training if they do a job themselves or participate in a simulation. But what does this have to do with Attract.Click – Web Design? It’s simple. We can use the gamification of a website to compel people to do things we want them to. Here are some awesome examples. 1. Site Scavenger Hunt Programmers used to include Easter eggs in their video games as defacto signatures. Today you can find easter eggs in all sorts of media. The most famous […]

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