Massive Transformation in Six Months—Before/After with Walid Azami

Pat Flynn: Building a business is all about transformation. For you as a business owner: learning from your mistakes, growing over time, adapting to different situations, hopefully becoming a better person, one percent better every single day perhaps. And it’s about transformation of your audience and the customers that you have: your subscribers, your readers, your viewers, and you the listener. And hopefully you’ve been transformed over the year, through a number of the examples that people have set here as guests on the show, sharing their stories and transformations that they’ve had. Hopefully you’ve been transformed by the information in some of the solo episodes that I’ve done here on The Smart Passive Income Podcast. And since we’re closing in on 2019, and most of you hopefully have some really big, lofty goals for 2019, I’m excited to share with you today a unique episode, where it’s not an […]

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