How to Market on Reddit: an Anti-Marketing Social Platform

Google might actually be the front page of the internet, especially if you use Chrome. But Reddit comes in for a relatively close second at 1.6 billion visitors a month. And with about 1.2 million subreddit communities, it’s a massive marketing opportunity waiting to happen. The only problem: what rises to the top is completely user controlled. There is no buying your way to the top. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll realize there is no legitimate, non-scammy way to buy upvotes on Reddit. That’s the beauty of the platform. If you aren’t an authentic member of a subreddit or you don’t play by the rules, your stuff gets downvoted. The cream is supposed to rise to the top. The definition of “cream” depends on the subreddit. And if you want to rise to the top, you must be a specific flavor or the community will spit you […]

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