Marketing 101: What are Microsites? (Plus 3 successful microsite examples and 2 missteps)

Marketing has a language all its own. This is our latest in a series of posts aimed at helping new marketers learn that language. What term do you find yourself explaining most often to new hires during onboarding? Let us know.   Microsites are somewhere in between a single landing page and an entire website. They are small, special-purpose websites for a single, dedicated communication (and conversion) goal set up by companies that already have a full site. They work well for the communication of an idea or product that requires more than a single landing page, for example, an event. Successful microsite creation requires a clear goal and focus for the microsite and should be built from the ground up optimized for achieving that goal. Here are a few tips to help you use microsites.   Tip #1: Tightly tap into visitor motivations Microsites can be more focused on […]

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