Search Optimization Similes to Use When Explaining What SEO Is

Awful similes are like fingers. When they’re anywhere near your eyes, you want to wince or pull back. For example, if you were reading a novel and the author compared someone’s breasts to bronzed mangoes, you might start thinking you’ve accidentally picked up a Harlequin romance. Something like that takes you out of the narrative. Similarly, if you’re trying to explain what an SEO marketer does, you’ll have people falling asleep or wincing with the wrong metaphors. It’s difficult to explain to just anyone what SEO is. I’m gonna try to give you a few easy ways out. Here are some similes that might be helpful when explaining SEO. 1. SEO is Like a Good Mystery Imagine you’re a detective attempting to solve a crime. What do you need to do? Evaluate patterns, research past behavior, and predict future behavior. An SEO does the same thing. They evaluate past keyword […]

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