Need More Cash? Check out These 7 Income Streams That Actually Generate Passive Income

Blogs. REITs. Royalties: What other good ideas do you have to flush out your coffers? November 7, 2018 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Earning income as an employee isn’t the only way to make money. If you want to build wealth or achieve your long-term financial goals, you have to diversify your income sources with multiple streams of income. Related: How I Made $134,846.40 of Passive Income in One Month The great news is that strategies exist through which you can generate passive income. Here are several of them: 1. Build a blog. A blog helps you build passive income that can you can grow over time. For instance, you can generate income from ad sales and affiliate marketing. That’s how food blogger Meeta Aurora generated over $5,000 monthly even while working at a full-time job. You can learn and apply a new skill, such as ad […]

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