The Nine Best Side Business Ideas to Start When You Don’t Want to Quit Your Day Job – ShoeMoney

Are you one of those people who when someone tells you, “don’t quit your day job,” you say, “Well…I wouldn’t.”? You’re one of the lucky people in this world who loves their job. The problem with jobs we love is that they don’t always pay the best. Maybe you’re working in a non-profit or you’re a teacher. These sectors are highly rewarding and low-paying. How then can you make extra money to live comfortably and support your family? A side business is how! You’re not alone if you think you’re going to make money on the side while doing the job you love. A full 25% of Americans say they have a side business. And as long as their name isn’t Heisenberg and they aren’t cooking meth out of a 1980’s camper van, then that’s totally cool. Here are ten side business ideas you can start while still keeping your […]

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