11 (mostly) free self publishing tools for your next best seller

If you’ve got the creative urge to put out a book, there’s a bunch of (mostly) free self publishing tools and resources to help get you out there as a self-made author. My latest book, Create Or Hate, launched last week. It’s my fourth foray into the world of self publishing. Back before my first book, The 7 Day Startup, I never even considered myself a writer, let alone a published author. Since then my books have been ordered 55,000 times on Amazon and translated into 9 languages. Here’s what I used to get my books out into the wild without a book deal.  No need to wait 17 years for a book deal like renowned author Steven Pressfield did! Dribbble First impressions count – make sure your front cover doesn’t create a bad or indifferent one. With Create Or Hate I spent a lot of time on the front cover […]

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