SEO and Business Growth Today with Glen Allsop

Glen Allsop: I am so happy you asked me that. So let’s just say, if a no-name person, no one you’ve ever met, no one you’ve ever contact with, somehow got to get in front of you, if it was a Twitter DM or an email, and they said, “Hey Pat! I’m friends with Casey Neistat and I would love him to kind of promote what you’re working on.” You do not care who they are, what kind of relationship you’ve had with them in the past, you are responding to that message. Pat Flynn: One hundred percent. Glen: So, they’re— Pat: You’re listening to one of the several amazing strategies that our special guest today has mentioned on this particular episode. Pat: This is Glen Allsop, formerly from, although I think he still has that website. You may remember that name from episode 3. Yes, episode 3 of […]

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