The Psychology of Money and Wealth with Ramit Sethi

Pat Flynn: So I like to mix things up here on the Smart Passive Income Podcast. This is a very different kind of episode, you’re going to be transported to the city of New York. I actually conducted a walking interview, through the city of New York, with a good friend of mine, Ramit Sethi. I was in New York for some interviews and to meet some people and some retailers, related to the SwitchPod. And I was there with Caleb and he said, why don’t we just try this thing? And so we did it, it’s a learning process. You’ll hear at the beginning of the episode, my mic was a little bit hot because I was holding it close to me. You’ll also probably hear how cold I was. I was losing my breath a little bit, because it was twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Which for me, being from […]

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