My Apollo 11 Press Kits Now Digitized

It’s taken me fifteen years of collecting to amass what I believe to be the most complete collection of Apollo 11 press kits in the world. Now, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission in July 2019, I’ve digitized my collection to made it available to scholars, marketers, Apollo buffs, and fans of graphic design. It’s my gift to the world. Related posts: Take the Energy of NASA’s Record-Breaking Mission With You Into 2019 How To Setup Metrics to Optimize Your Digital PR Team’s Press Coverage 5 Tips on How to Get Press From Entrepreneur’s Editor in Chief The Rosinbomb Rocket Is a Panini Press for Weed Walmart Gets Into the Meal Kit Business Mars Lander Sends First Snapshots (60-Second Video) Public Relations Vs Media Relations Public Relations Vs Media Relations

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