The Boom (or Bubble) of Podcasting?

Is this the boom or bubble of podcasting? Is podcasting the new blogging? Explore why podcasts are a big deal, podcast tips, podcast sponsorships, and more! Pat Flynn June 10, 2019 Somebody recently asked me the question, “Pat, do you think podcasting is in a boom . . . or a bubble? . . . One that’s perhaps about to pop?” I’m about to answer that question in this post. Is Podcasting the New Blogging? Kind Of! Now, it’s not like blogging ever popped and dropped off the radar. Blogs are still hugely popular today—but I also think podcasts are having their day now. If you go to Google trends and compare the terms “blogs” and “podcasts,” you’ll notice that in 2017 the two kind of crossed over. That’s right: podcasting is on the up and up. The trend is clear, and there’s definitely still growth and opportunity in podcasting […]

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