10 Podcasters Who Grew Their Business on Top of Their Show

In this post, ten podcasters who grew their business on top of their show share how they did it, from podcast ROI to podcast Kickstarters and more! Pat Flynn March 11, 2019 Podcasting isn’t just a hobby for people anymore. For many, it’s about business growth and profit. In this post, I’m going to share several examples of how different people have used their new podcast to either grow an existing business or start a brand new one. When I started podcasting in 2010, I wasn’t ready for the kind of positive results it would have for my brand. It didn’t happen overnight, but relatively quickly, my podcast began helping me extend my reach, increase my authority, and grow my income. In a survey I conducted in 2012, for example, I learned that the Smart Passive Income Podcast was the #1 way my audience discovered me, ahead of links on […]

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