SPI 312: This “Hole” Can Cost Entrepreneurs Thousands—Let’s Fix It

Today’s guest is Casey Graham, the founder of Gravy, a company that’s filling a huge hole for businesses. The thing is, a lot of people don’t even know that hole exists. It takes a lot of effort to go back and recover failed payments. That’s what Casey and his team at Gravy do, and they do it very well. When I started working with Casey I didn’t even realize how much I needed him and his service. But he’s helped me recover tens of thousands of dollars. Read that sentence again. Yeah—this is that important. That money would have been lost if it weren’t for Casey. I didn’t even know that stuff was happening. Casey’s giving us a huge wealth of information today. A lot of what he’s talking about, even if you don’t have a business yet—it’s so good to know. This is stuff that doesn’t get talked about […]

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