15 Niche Ideas to Get You Started – ShoeMoney

Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as marketers want you to think. They want you to believe that within a short period of time, you’ll be living the four-hour workweek dream and making everyone jealous. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Only ten percent of affiliates drive ninety percent of the traffic and sales. The rest are just hanging on by a thread. So, how do you choose a niche that’s profitable? Which one should you choose and why? I’ve decided to sit down and give you a quick overview of a few niches I think would make you money sooner than later. Here’s the top fifteen affiliate marketing niche ideas to get you started. What Do People Want? When building any business, you have to think about what people want. And to figure out what people want, you have to first look at what they need. Maslow’s Hierarchy of […]

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