Why Micromanaging Backfires Every Time and What to Do Instead – ShoeMoney

I once had a typing teacher in high school who thought I sucked at typing. She would stand over my shoulder and watch me type. Naturally, I’d mess up, start to look at my fingers while I typed, and feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. She’d say something about not looking at my fingers and I’d mess up even more. When she moved to another student, my typing improved. I no longer had to look at my fingers. This teacher thought she was doing me a favor by watching and making corrections. She probably wouldn’t have called it micromanaging, but that’s exactly what she was doing to her students. If I had been typing something consequential, I’d have spent entirely too long on my work. This is what happens in too many workplaces. Bosses who need to control every aspect of their company micromanage […]

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