Booted out of His Own Business & the One Thing Jordan Harbinger Did to Survive

Jordan Harbinger: It would be kind of like if it was illegal tomorrow to be doing anything Smart Passive Income related, and you weren’t allowed to touch any of your existing platforms, and you weren’t allowed to teach any of your existing courses. You’d just kind of be like, “Okay. I’m Pat Flynn, family man, got a great family, great kids, but what do I do? I’m not allowed to speak. I’m not allowed to write. I’m not allowed to teach. What do I do?” Pat Flynn: That’s insane. Jordan Harbinger: You’d have to kind of figure out what you were gonna do . . . Pat Flynn: That would be a truly nightmare situation if, for whatever reason, I wasn’t allowed to do what I’m doing right now for you. This is my business. This is my identity. This is who I am. This is exactly what happened to […]

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