The June 2019 Core Update is Here, Folks

We though Google would turn into a silent box of mysteries after Matt Cutts left for government work. And for a while it was. But lately, every once in a while, Google and their employees will drop hints. It’s almost as if Cutts is doing astral projections and manipulating Google’s SearchLiaison department. And just yesterday, Monday June 3rd, Google announced their June 2019 Core Update is now live. Historically, any SEO company and their clients would quietly freak out when Google makes changes at the algorithm level. But we’re here to give you the goods on this update real fast. Maybe by the end, you’ll feel a little better. Google Isn’t Trying to Freak You Out Back in October of 2018, Google put out an “update about updates.” They claimed that “most [updates] have little noticeable change…” Which we know is complete B.S. (Proof? Medic Update, ‘nuf said.) They then […]

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