Smart Work Report: Matthew Gartland

In the first of the Smart Work Report series, COO/CFO Matthew Gartland shares how he works, his favorite business tools, and the transformation of Team SPI. Matthew Gartland April 15, 2019 Editor’s Note: This is the first in a new series we are testing out here at SPI, and you know how much we love experiments! We’re inspired by other journal-like content we’ve seen around the web like the Money Diaries and Feel Good Diaries from Refinery29, as well as the standard format of the much loved How I Work series from In this series we hope to capture a vast array of not only different types of work that people do in the online space, but also the different ways we all work toward our goals and positive impact with our jobs, businesses, or brands. We’re starting off this series with the members of Team SPI and, if […]

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