Creating a Marketing Budget for Small Business – ShoeMoney

On average, businesses spend anywhere from 11% to 13% of their total budget on marketing. Those numbers seem to be true no matter who you are. Even if you are a multi-billion dollar company, you use about the same percentage of your budget for marketing as a small business. Fine. That’s what you’ll do. Allocate about 12% of your budget and be done, right? Not so fast. Marketing isn’t an all-inclusive, one and done deal. You need to delve into that 12% and divide it up. How do you know where all that money is going? How do you know you won’t spend more than that 12% accidentally because your social media guy wants to try something new to advertise business on Google? This is where you need to sit back and take stock. I’ll guide you through it and we’ll look at how you can easily create a marketing […]

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