Loyalty Matters: How to Build a Customer Retention Plan That Really Works

Most people follow a three-strike rule when it comes to company patronage. Only about 33% of customers will drop you if you give them bad service once. Excellent news, right? Verily. We’re living in an age of excellent customer service. More than 80% of Americans report that businesses are meeting or even exceeding expectations in customer service. But is 80% enough? Would 80% be enough for you to trust your doctor-recommended birth control? Even that 99.9% success rate birth control sometimes fails. How do you beat the numbers? Customer retention programs, that’s how. Below you’ll find some of the best advice on the net on how to keep them coming back for more. 1. It Begins With Customer Service While customer service historically hurts rather than helps customer retention efforts, it’s still a hole you must plug. You might not gain customer loyalty, but you’ll be less likely to lose […]

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