How To Set Up Logistics For Your Startup

You’ve developed an incredible product. It’s been crowdfunded 300% and you’re already through your final prototype and on to production. Your customers are waiting patiently. You have not actualized the most important part of your business. Logistics. How are you going to ship your product to your customers? How are you going to optimize your manufacturing process and gather the materials quickly enough to keep up with the demand? It’s more complicated than you might think. And in the era of Amazon Prime and’s two-day shipping options, it’s not easy to please your customers. “But my customers will wait a decade to get my product in their hands.” That’s the mistake Oculus made out the gate with the Rift back in 2016. HTC beat them to market due to shipping concerns and they lost the lead (which they steadily gained back due to a superior product). No matter how […]

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