Goodbye 7Search and LeadImpact

This year, we have lost two traffic sources that anyone who has been doing affiliate marketing for a few years has probably at least tried out: 7Search and LeadImpact. Nearly 5 years ago, I published an article titled Traffic Sources Based On Experience and both 7Search and LeadImpact were recommended in it. Over the years, they have both been a great source of traffic for our affiliates at PeerFly and thousands of people have made tons of money using them. However, the tides change quickly in the affiliate marketing industry and those traffic sources were not able to keep up. 7Search is near and dear to my heart. I wrote my review of 7Search on November 16, 2011. I followed it up with a bunch of other articles about how to run and optimize campaigns using their traffic that have generated 563,558 page views and counting. LeadImpact has also had a […]

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