What You Need to Know to Launch a Successful Podcast

Are you ready to start your podcast? In this post, I guide you through the process of planning your podcast launch, so that you can make the biggest splash possible on your launch week. Pat Flynn July 4, 2016 Podcasts are huge nowadays. It seems like there are podcasts for every subject, from fiction storytelling podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale to entrepreneurial podcasts like Chris Ducker’s YouPreneur and everything in between. It’s a wonderful time to be a podcast listener! It’s also a wonderful time to be a podcast creator. In this post, I am going to jump into a number of specific tips to guide you as a new podcast creator and help the launch of your your podcast be as successful as possible. Sound like a plan? Let’s get into it! Tip 1: Start With My Complete Step-by-Step Podcasting Tutorial In How to Start a Podcast: Pat’s […]

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