How to Start a Restaurant – ShoeMoney

We’re busy. We don’t have time to cook and eat. We’d rather just eat and run. And besides, 50 percent of Americans hate to cook. It’s a chore. If they could afford a cook, they would. But instead, they choose to eat out when they can afford it. This is why the restaurant industry is booming. We’ve seen an increase in the number of food-service joints from 40 years ago from 155,000 to 960,000 in the United States alone. But it’s still difficult to float that business off the ground. Competition is fierce and if you can’t provide great service, incredible food, and provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere, your competition is going to beat you to the punch. What does it take to claw your way to the top and build the best restaurant on the block? Today we’re going to explore in depth what that means and how […]

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