This Plant-Based Food Startup Just Launched an Ice Cream You’ll Probably Never Try, But That’s Not the Point

Perfect Day isn’t trying to become the next big ice cream brand. July 11, 2019 4 min read A delicious new dairy-free ice cream brand has hit the market today, but once the company sells out of the limited stock it’s selling, it will no longer be available, according to its founders. The goal for Perfect Day isn’t to become the next Halo Top or Van Leeuwen — its ambitions are much grander than that. This product launch ($60 for three pints plus shipping) is meant to highlight the company’s actual product: a “dairy” protein created from microflora. Perfect Day wants to be the supplier of this protein to the food industry. Related: Major Investments in Plant-Based Foods Include a $310 Million Facility and TofurkyAccepting Its First-Ever Private Investment “[The ice cream] shows the food world how it can be used,” said Ryan Pandya, CEO and co-founder of Perfect Day. […]

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