How To Create and Sell an Online Course: The Ultimate Guide

My ultimate guide to creating online courses! Here are the three principles and ten practical steps you need for creating amazing, profitable, and life-changing online courses. Pat Flynn April 2, 2018 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Online courses can help you make more money, save more time, and help more people. In 2017, I hit one million dollars in revenue from online courses alone! And I’ve made lots of money serving as an affiliate for other people’s courses too. Today, I want to share the keys—the three crucial psychological principles, plus the ten practical steps—that will help you do the same. This post has been crafted to be the ultimate guide (it’s there in the title!) to creating and selling your own online course, so it’s a bit of a long one. But if you’re looking for a one-stop shop on what it takes to create and sell a great […]

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