Why People Really Hate Us Online

Pat Flynn: Stop talking, because nobody cares. You are a complete idiot— Speaker 2: You are a complete idiot from head to toe. Speaker 3: Go do something that actually matters. Speaker 4: Why were you even born? Pat: . . . I hate you. Speaker 2: I hate you. Pat: These are some powerful words that I’ve read online about myself. Now, nobody has ever said any of these things to me in person, but it doesn’t really matter because when I read these things online, it hurts. I don’t know if you’ve ever been targeted for hate online. Whether it’s a comment on a YouTube video, or your blog, or a reply on social media, or something that you read in a forum somewhere, it doesn’t matter. It never feels good no matter how much people tell you that those are things you should just ignore. I’ve been […]

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