Solving a Problem by Building It Yourself – ConvertKit with Nathan Barry

You might remember today’s guest from Episode 75, where he revealed how he built a six-figure business selling e-books. Nathan Barry is back again today, but not to talk about e-books—he has embarked on a totally new adventure. Nathan is the mind behind ConvertKit, a brand-new email software product that I now use every day. With his e-book business enjoying major success (revenue has doubled since his last episode!), Nathan decided to get back to his roots: software development. Nathan was frustrated. None of the big-name email software out there seemed to be built for him as a blogger. So he built the software he wanted to use, consulting with fellow online business owners along the way. He navigated the highly competitive market of email software and focused on creating a product for one, specific audience—and it worked. Today, Nathan is going to share how he surveyed prospective customers and built trust in […]

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