How Do Big Data Boost Sales? Supercharge Conversions With These Tips

Back in 2015, EMC predicted big data companies will be collecting 1.7 megabytes a second on each individual connected to the internet in 2020. That’s 53,611,200 megabytes or 53.6 terabytes a year. It’s hard to fathom that much information. And it’s kind of a silly number anyways? Is there really that much information about you out there? Likely not. You do have to realize we’re probably talking about website caches and photo and video data. But still, big data takes in a ton of information. What then are companies doing with it all? Are we feeding a supercomputer AI who is going to take over the world? Is Facebook using the data to create a social dystopia? Well, the latter might actually be true, but it’s hard to know. But What’s relevant to us is the fact big data and the patterns they reveal could improve your marketing by a […]

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