Branding Expert Rey Perez on Empowering Others and His Life’s Mission to Be a ‘Kingmaker’

Thoughts equal beliefs; beliefs equal actions; actions equal results, he says. November 8, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In this series called Member Showcase, we publish interviews with members of The Oracles. This interview is with Rey Perez, global branding expert, CEO of AMP Productions, and creator of and The interview was condensed by The Oracles. Who are you? Rey Perez: I’m an innovator who creates solutions to entrepreneurs’ problems. I’ve leveraged technology, systems, and processes to find a niche working with service-based entrepreneurs, or “personality-driven businesses.” For example, speakers, coaches, authors, consultants, and trainers — anyone who is the face of their business. My Brand in 2 Days workshop turns you into the recognized authority in your niche or industry. It includes copywriting, photography, graphic design, web design, and social media, as well as a unique marketing strategy to attract […]

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