Selling a Book? Overlooking This Page Could Kill Sales—Book Marketing with Bryan Cohen

Pat Flynn: Writing a book . . . probably one of the hardest things you could ever do in your life. I’ve written a few books, and I plan to write some more, but every time I think about the process it makes me want to throw up, because it is such a struggle. I’m so thankful that, for example with my book, Will It Fly?, I got connected with a guy named Azul who became my book coach. But writing is just part of it. What about the selling and the marketing, and the promotional aspects that should go along with the book-writing process too? There are so many ways that you can promote a book, and we’ve talked about a number of those ways in past episodes of the SPI Podcast. We’ll include links to all those shows from the past that talk about book marketing on the […]

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