Five Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Live Your Dreams

“Just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” Whatever Shia Labeouf intended by his 30-minute performance art, these two phrases are the most oft memed and gifed. He screams “JUST DO IT!” and softly speaks the next phrase. It’s jarring and at the same time uplifting. Dreamers get a pedestal in our society only if they don’t keep their dreams to themselves. A dream ceases to be a dream once it becomes reality. Are you converting your dreams to reality or are you biding your time? Would you rather be Mr. Anderson in a cubicle or Neo following the white rabbit? And how do you know the difference between the two? Today I’m going to free your mind. By the time you finish this article, you will know whether you should continue in your current job or quit and make the dream a reality. 1. You’re Bored to Death […]

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