The Hard Truths to Tell Yourself About Delegating Responsibility

Offloading tasks and responsibilities is sometimes just the right move — but done prematurely or unwisely, it can be an unmitigated disaster. February 8, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Elon Musk’s interview with the New York Times last August gave the public a rare glimpse of the psychological challenges the iconic founder has faced as he attempts to lead two companies — each valued at well over $1 billion — into the next decade. Over the course of the hour-long conversation, the Tesla and SpaceX boss admitted that 2018 had been both physically and emotionally exhausting; he claimed that he’d worked up to 120 hours per week. This concession heightened rumors that Tesla was working furiously to find a capable assistant who could shoulder some of its CEO’s current responsibilities. While Musk is certainly unique, the primary challenge he faces — namely, how to make the […]

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